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The South’s Premier Sporting
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Come alive in the present moment

An indulgent immersion in the sporting life, Providence Hill is a luxurious reconnection to nature, to self, and to the South. Across more than 1,200 acres of Mississippi woods and water, a premier sporting experience unfolds in a perfect collection of moments: the clear light of morning, the familiar smell of gunsmoke, the certainty of a catch on the line. And the sanctuary of knowing, in the here and the now, that you are exactly where you need to be.

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A Southern Destination
a group of people standing by a body of water
a group of people standing by a body of water

The Sporting Life

Offering the complete luxury sporting lifestyle, Providence Hill is the South’s premier outdoor sporting experience, and America’s professional shooting destination of choice, endorsed by the world's best professional shooters.

A Southern Destination
a river with grass and trees
a river with grass and trees

A Conservancy Masterpiece

It's almost impossible to capture the sincere wonders found among these rolling hills, deep woods, and fresh waters. Reconnect with the present moment through the beauty of the South as you connect with something special on more than 1,200 acres of land and wild.

A Southern Destination

Welcome Home

In Mississippi, we believe in Southern hospitality. With genuine warmth and effortless generosity, we welcome you to Providence Hill as a cherished friend, from your very first visit and for many years to come. 

Nothing Typical Will Do


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Rejoice in tradition, or delight in writing a new story. Weddings at Providence Hill are as incomparable as they are unforgettable, with magic you’ll find nowhere else in the South.

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Camaraderie, inspiration, and team-building are best fueled by sport and leisure. When the work is done, a retreat that’s equal parts recreation and relaxation awaits.

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Join The
Sporting Club

A premier sporting facility, Providence Hill offers private memberships to those who desire unsurpassed excellence in outdoor sporting. We provide a unique and authentic member experience with world-class shooting, fishing, and quail hunting on the most beautiful land in central Mississippi.

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The Property

Providence Hill is a sanctuary for the sporting spirit, where the untamed allure of Mississippi invites you to immerse yourself in outdoor pursuits. From awe-inspiring backdrops to world-class shooting courses and incredible wedding venues, our estate makes an impression.

  • 1The Stables
  • 2Quail Woods
  • 3Main Entrance
  • 4Club Entrance
  • 5Big Lake Lawn
  • 6Clubhouse
  • 7Outdoor Pavilion
  • 85-Stand
  • 9Helice
  • 10Boat Landing
  • 11Arabian Clay Course
  • 12Duck Flush
  • 13Skeet & Trap
  • 14FITASC Course
  • 15Mustang Clay Course